Digitalisation, 4K, Olympics to drive Brazil's video camera market


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 02 September 2015

Digitalisation and new standards such as 4K, as well as HD consolidation, are driving growth within the professional video camera market in Brazil, and the closer the Olympics come, the more sales are expected.

Tela Viva's Converge Comunicaçao report says that the demand for digital and HD-ready equipment is still the market's main driving force, while producers and broadcasters are increasingly demanding Ultra HD equipment.

"There is higher demand for journalist cameras like P2 and studio cameras," said Ronu Luiz Pussenti, systems manager at Panasonic Brazil. "Many of our clients have completed the digital transition, but there are still many local and small broadcasters waiting for digitalisation."

Although 4K technology hasn't yet penetrated through to Brazilian viewers, producers and broadcasters are beginning to look into it as it offers better exports potential and longevity as well as better quality.

"We already have a group investing in 4K, not completely, but testing the technology," explained Luis Fabichak, marketing manager for professional products at Sony. "Besides, it's already possible to broadcast Ultra HD content through other platforms, such as over-the-top (OTT) services."

Both executives see the main obstacle for market growth in Brazil as the currency. As most broadcasters and producers import equipment, and prices are fixed in dollars, currency fluctuations have reduced budgets considerably throughout the year.

But the industry's 4K sights are on next summer. "We expect to close big deals with the companies broadcasting the Olympics," said Fabichak.

"The demand will rocket for us, as we already have a contract with the Olympic Committee to buy Panasonic equipment for the Olympics," added Pussenti.