Easel TV, Airwave create VOD platform for hospitality smart TV market



| 02 September 2015

Multiscreen services provider Easel TV is teaming with digital hotel TV technology firm Airwave to launch a new on-demand offering for the latter's Airtime hotel TV service.

Based on Easel TV's Suggested TV platform and delivered to Samsung Hospitality TVs, the service will be made available in selected hotels across the UK now, and globally from 2016, giving guests the ability to search and find TV programmes and films to watch on-demand in their hotel room on the hospitality TV.

"Building this service ... gives Airwave a cloud-based alternative to traditional hotel TV systems that makes it easier for hotels to install and remove operational and support issues – there are no servers in the hotel," commented Bill Scott, chief operating and commercial officer of Easel TV. "Airwave now has the tools to provide a valuable service to hotel guests for in-room entertainment with flexible pricing and promotional tools for multiple global markets."