No waiting in the sky for Starman with Warning Center



| 02 September 2015

Baltic TV and Internet provider Starman is to employ S3 Group's StormTest Warning Center to provide live network testing of its video services in the field.

For Starman's network operations teams, Warning Center is expected to perform more than 6,000 individual tests per day across linear and on-demand services to ensure continuous service quality.

Founded in 1992, Starman provides its services to every third household in Estonia and offers fibre-optic-based TV Internet and telephone services, and broadcasts on digital terrestrial frequencies provided by ZUUMtv, which is available in 90% of the territory of Estonia.

Starman Warning Center will be used to test and track the impact of new service deployments in live networks across end-user devices, and to provide automated service validation and remote troubleshooting through a collaborative, cloud-based system. It will deliver continuous feedback loop, between development, engineering support and operations teams, delivering what S3 assures will be actionable big data KPI metrics on the availability, stability, and Quality of Experience (QoE) of services and new deployments.

The system is expected to carry out over 6,000 individual tests per day, to provide Starman's network operations teams with continuous, automated monitoring and insights into the service delivery and performance of its linear and on-demand services. It will run remote test scripts to determine the impact of a new deployment on QoE of their live services, gathering KPIs that include audio availability, video availability, image quality, EPG rendering, channel change times and video-on-demand (VOD) access times, while triggering alerts for any potential issues.

"Starman is committed to providing our customers the highest quality video services and adopting cutting-edge technologies to ensure that happens," commented CTO Hanno Liiva. "StormTest Warning Center gives our operations teams 24/7 access to real-time analytics and live service monitoring that provides insights into the availability, stability, and quality of video services."