Danish cablenet Stofa is to offer its subscribers a broadband package without the need to also subscribe to its television service.

While subscribers and marketeers have been used to the concept of the buythrough, Stofa says it simply hasn’t been technically possible to separate its television and broadband cable networks. Now some 100,000 customers will be able to choose if they want broadband, TV or both.

Last week, Stofa said that from 2016 its new usage-based product Stofa MitTv will allow consumers to only pay for the channels they watched.

“We have long had a desire to provide a pure broadband product to those of our cable TV customers who only seek their digital experiences via the Internet. It has previously not been feasible, as our agreements with the antenna associations do not have room for it, but it is in much of the country, fortunately not the case anymore. Therefore, we are pleased now that we initially can provide more than 100,000 families the choice whether they both want Stofa TV and broadband solutions or whether they prefer to settle for broadband”, explains Ole Fruekilde, CEO, Stofa.

The original cable network was only designed to distribute television signals with broadband initially becoming a by-product. However, the consumption of digital services over the internet has in many cases surpassed TV as the key product within Danish households.