Telefónica trusts in VSN for Barça TV


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 03 September 2015

The Telefónica-managed TV channel for FC Barcelona, Barça TV, has seen a complete renovation led by Telefonica Servicios Audiovisuales (TSA), which picked VSN to provide solutions for continuity automation (VSNMulticom) and TV planning (VSNCrea TV).

vsnbarcaThe VSNSpider technological platform will control the orchestration of workflows in the system.

The revamp has meant that the redundancy levels of the whole system have been increased, guaranteeing maximum security while on air.

This isn't the first time the two companies have worked together; back in 2011 Barça TV selected VSN to complete the network's transition to digital production.

"This project proves again that VSNs solutions are the perfect answer to the market's most demanding needs and that we adapt to the requirements of any client," said Roberto Pascual, VSN's sales director for Europe & Africa. "Thanks to VSNMulticom and VSNCrea TV, the channel is able to reach the fans of FC Barcelona around the world with its news and matches, with the assurance that technology will be on its side when on air."