Imagine launches Versio 3.0


Michelle Clancy

| 03 September 2015

Imagine Communications has announced the availability of Versio 3.0, the latest release of its cloud-capable integrated channel playout solutions for media and entertainment.

Versio is designed to give customers consistent operation across baseband, hybrid IP, and virtualised, cloud-based video networks.

"Our expanded investments in playout technology, coupled with our historic leadership and strength in automation, branding, graphics, file servers and master control, have elevated Versio to state-of-the-art status in integrated channel playout," said Tim Mendoza, vice president of playout product management at Imagine Communications.

"Our customers are seeking a solution that will thrive in all operational environments. Versio 3.0 provides a comprehensive, any-to-any playout architecture in COTS hardware, board and bundle, and virtualised models. With one code base and one user interface — regardless of input and output or network type — Versio 3.0 delivers unprecedented investment protection."

The 3.0 release of Versio also marks the introduction of the Versio MCS, an optional touchscreen-based master control surface.