The Slovenian incumbent Telekom Slovenije has added a new bundle named TopTrio Kino to its offer.

It includes HBO, with viewers also having the opportunity to watch a free movie from the DKiNO and Dajmedol video services each month.

During the promotion period up until November 15, they will in addition be able to use the safe internet service free of charge.

TopTrio Kino also includes internet access at up to 10 Mbps over copper and fibre-optic connections, over 125 channels, three-day catch up and 60 minutes of calls to fixed networks in Slovenia.

The package is available to new and existing subscribers, both domestic and business.

Discounts are offered for those who commit to receiving the service for 24 months, with the standard price of TopTrio Kino being €42.95 a month over the telco’s xDSL and FTTH networks and €46.95 over an open broadband network.