After early August showed that taking out a subscription with Canal Digital on foreign addresses was possible, now this provider actually appoints all European countries where this may.

Canal Digital had long been a special page on its home page to the use of satellite tv on a second connection. A connection that everywhere in Europe where the Astra 23.5 East is to receive will be useful, but where until then though registration of the subscription on a Dutch address and payment by a Dutch bank account was required. Beginning August showed, without that owner M7 Group S.A. there still further publicize gave, that the smart card register on addresses elsewhere in Europe is possible.

Breakthrough shutdown subscription overseas

Canal Digital is now going one step further and appoints on its Web page specifically all European countries where registration of a smart card and delivery of the hardware. Mention the fact CanalDigitaal also for each country required minimum diameter of the satellite dish. Canal Digital delivers itself no larger dishes than 64 CM. In fact, this is the whole of Europe and the entire area covered by Astra (23.5 East) is covered. Only Switzerland is missing from this list. It is unclear whether there is a specific reason for Liechtenstein is, because (that the same legislation and currency as Switzerland) is in the list.

Tv Vlaanderen follows?

Possible TV Vlaanderen soon also available throughout Europe. The customer service of this company hinting there is already on, but this has not yet been confirmed. With the ability to take out a subscription across Europe takes M7 Group S.A. the lead in Europe and does something the European Commission would like to see: correct lifting of geographical limits in the use of media and subscribe to opportunities across Europe. No other major provider in Europe with subscriber television outside Canal Digital is currently offering such a possibility. Sky does it subscribe abroad even consciously.