Brazil invests $16MN in public TV content


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 04 September 2015

Aiming to fill the line-ups of local and regional public TV stations across Brazil, the Programa Brasil de Todas as Telas has announced a $16 million investment which will result in 250 hours of content for almost 200 different channels.

Being promoted by the national cinema agency Ancine, the Ministry of Culture and the public company Empresa Brasil Comunicaçao (EBC), this first-time investment intends to regionalise independent content production for public TV stations.

According to Ancine, there were 768 content proposals, of which 94 were selected: 36 for kids, 22 for youngsters and 36 for adults. In total, 20 hours of animation, 51 hours of fiction and 179 hours of documentary content will be produced.

"Seeing such participation from all around the country makes us happy. It means Brazilians want and need something else to see on TV," said Manoel Rangel, president, Ancine. "There will be 250 hours of original, unpublished programming, made by Brazilians for Brazilians. It will be a great opportunity to show our different accents and cultures, from the big cities to the indigenous towns."