Imagine takes wraps off just-in-time video transcoding


Michelle Clancy

| 04 September 2015

Imagine Communications has introduced SelenioNext Just-In-Time Transcoding (JITT) based on the SelenioNext transcoder for high-channel count live/linear applications.

SelenioNext JITT offers on-the-fly transcoding capabilities that can reduce the footprint of storage-intensive applications, such as cloud DVR (cDVR), reducing costs. The company said that SelenioNext JITT can reduce storage requirements up to 80%.

SelenioNext JITT, a market-leading high-density just-in-time transcoder, allows pay-TV service providers to store content in a single bit rate. Additional bit rates required for multiscreen deployments are transcoded only when a video asset is requested for playback.

Integrating multiple functions into a single-server platform, SelenioNext JITT provides highly dense, scalable and operationally efficient transcoding capabilities to meet growing demand for access to cDVR, IPTV and live programming from mobile and other connected screens. SelenioNext JITT also integrates with Imagine Communications' CloudXtream DVR and CloudXtream Dynamic Ad Insertion solutions.

"Video libraries and solutions require massive amounts of storage," said Ron Gutman, vice president of technology at Imagine Communications. "A single copy of an HD feature-length film alone can easily consume up to 6 gigabytes of disk space. Imagine Communications' new SelenioNext Just-In-Time Transcoding capability, when coupled with Imagine Communications' dynamic storage management system, empowers service providers to simultaneously optimise storage resources and smoothly navigate the changing landscape of digital rights management."