Dalet integrates Aspera fast file transfer


Michelle Clancy

| 04 September 2015

Dalet is integrating the FASP high speed transfer technology from Aspera into the Dalet Galaxy enterprise media asset management (MAM) platform.

Dalet Galaxy unifies the content chain by managing assets, metadata, workflows and processes across multiple and diverse production and distribution systems and is especially tailored for media workflows.

Dalet has partnered with Aspera to enable faster ingest of large digital media files into the Dalet Galaxy platform, with line-speed WAN transfer for faster import/export and inter-site exchange.

The company supports a range of media companies and broadcasters with MAM.

"The fast transfers brought about through the integration of Aspera beautifully complement our advanced multi-site features while offering our customers a solution that meets their needs for speed, reliability and security," said Yoav Stahl, director of product management for Dalet.