SuperSport agrees football rights deal with Zambian FA


Rebecca Hawkes

| 07 September 2015

Sub Saharan pay-TV network SuperSport has signed a reported US$5 million sponsorship and broadcast contract with the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) until 2020.

The agreement to broadcast the MTN Super League extends the current deal between the two parties, which was agreed at the end of 2014.

"Our football is in a privileged state. With this five-year extension, live television guarantees our clubs a new platform of opportunity and assures them of a stage from which they can further engage into, and/or expand, commercial ventures based on this guaranteed five-year undertaking," Kalusha Bwalya, president, FAZ is quoted as saying in the online publication Zambian Football.

"The challenge for us is to continue to work hard as one united family, to continue on the path of development and safeguard the interests, integrity and credibility of our game through exemplary and professional conduct on and off the field."