A third of LATAM TV time is for VOD


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 08 September 2015

Although not representing the entire region, the TV habits of Colombians, Mexicans and Brazilians do point towards Latin America as a whole, and Ericsson says that over 35% of TV-watching time for those countries is spent consuming video-on-demand (VOD) content through online platforms.

In its latest report, ConsumerLab 2015 for TV & Media, Ericsson found that Mexicans spend 39% of their TV-watching time on VOD platforms. Mexico is also the Latin American country in which viewers watch series and TV for the most time per week, averaging 8.7 hours, while Colombians spend 7.5 hours a week and Brazilians 5.3 hours.

Regarding VOD, Colombians use 36% of their TV time for on-demand content. In addition, 72% watch videos on their smartphones, up 195% compared to three years ago, which puts Colombia in the lead when it comes to mobile video penetration, ahead of Brazil (where mobile video consumption has grown 115% since 2012) and Mexico (87% growth).

As for user-generated content (UGC) platforms, YouTube leads online video consumption in Colombia with, on average, one in four watching YouTube for over three hours per day.

"The continuous growth of VOD consumption and UGC services shows the importance of three factors for viewers nowadays: interesting content, flexibility and high quality user experience," explained Diana Moya, director of Ericsson ConsumerLab for Latin America. "Innovative business models supporting these three areas are the key to creating TV and video offers relevant for users."

In addition to local figures, the report shows that binge-viewing is becoming a strong trend worldwide, especially among users of VOD platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO, who watch one episode after another, at least, once a week.