Argentina's Jornadas to highlight future of cable


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 09 September 2015

Ahead of next week's 25th Jornadas Internacionales, ATVC, Argentina's cable TV association, and CAPPSA, the organisation for audiovisual channel programmers and producers, have unveiled the even'ts education programme which will focus on regulation, convergence and the future of cable.

jornadasThe event takes place in Buenos Aires from 16-18 September and will explore the debate about regulation in Argentina, where over-the-top (OTT) players are increasingly competing with traditional cable players, and telcos have recently been allowed to enter the pay-TV sector.

"We have planned the conferences following the issues of national debate," said Walter Burzaco, ATVC's president. "We know our industry's future is tied to political decisions, which is why we're addressing these topics during the conferences."

The first conference will feature regulation specialists from Argentina, Colombia and Spain, and will focus on how regulations favour or impede convergence and evolution of the cable industry. The conference intends to compare the three country's situations and define the future challenges for the industry.

From a more political point of view, the second conference will address the Argentina Digital law - which allows, among other things, telcos to enter the pay-TV market - and how politics can affect the evolution of the media industry.

The third and last educational conference will look at the possibilities for cable in Latin America, the infrastructure and convergence challenges, competition with non-traditional players (ie OTT) and investment to meet new user demands.