Russia has made important amendments to its federal digital transition plan.

According to RTRS, the country’s first DTT multiplex (RTRS-1), which is distributed by the 3,587 transmitters built to date, already reaches 90% of the population.

Meanwhile, the second multiplex (RTRS-2) is available to 56.8% of the population, while the RTRS has also built 81 transmitters to distribute regional programmes.

The key change is extending the programme by a further three years, during which time there will be simulcasting to help optimise the expenditures of federal budget and broadcasters.

RTRS-1 will now be fully operational in 2016 and RTRS-2 in 2018.

By the end of 2018, RTRS-1 will reach 98.4% of the population and RTRS-2 98.1%.