Despite intense competition, television and radio continue to dominate media consumption in Germany.

Regarding the daily reach among people above 14 years of age, television (daily reach: 80%) and radio (74%) remain in the top positions, ahead of the internet (46%) and the daily newspaper (33%), according to the latest edition of ARD and ZDF’s mass communications study.

People devote around two thirds of their time budget for media to television and radio: 208 minutes per day they watch television, 173 minutes they listen to radio, 107 minutes they use the internet and 23 minutes they read the newspaper.

The daily usage time for CDs, MP3 audio files and other music sources amounts to 24 minutes, followed by books with 19 minutes. To magazines and videos/DVDs, they devote six minutes each on an average day.

With a total of almost nine and a half hours per day, media usage in Germany among people of at least 14 years of age remains stable on a high level.

“The popular thesis at the turn of the century that television will be phased out has not become true in a very impressive way,” Thomas Bellut, head of the media commission of public broadcasters ARD and ZDF and ZDF’s general director, commented on the development.