Poland’s nc+ is running Cisco Virtualised Video Processing as part of a new multiscreen service that has dramatically simplified the delivery of its multiscreen video services.

Virtualised Video Processing (V2P) is powering video processing functions such as encoding, transcoding, recording, storage, packaging and playback for the multiscreen live, VOD and time shift TV services. Offering a glimpse of what might follow V2P can be extended to support cloud DVR services.

By virtualizing and orchestrating live, VOD and time shift TV workflows, nc+ can dramatically simplify its video service operations from live encoding to multiscreen playout.

“In this highly competitive marketplace, the key to staying ahead lies in achieving balance between addressing current customer demands and making insight-led investments in future trends. nc+ recognises the role of innovation in building a sustainable growth strategy, and our collaboration with Cisco is testament to that commitment,” Jaroslaw Kordalewski, executive vice president for IT and Technology, nc+.

nc+ reaches approximately 2.12 million subscribers and offers over 160 channels, with over 60 in the high definition format. It offers a host of entertainment services including personal video recorder (PVR), Multiroom PVR, video-on-demand (VOD), and the nc+go mobile app that enables subscribers to watch TV on tablets or smartphones.