Atresmedia looks to increase international presence in Argentina


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 10 September 2015

Atresmedia says it will be looking for new opportunities in Argentina when it attends the country's cable TV summit, Jornadas Internacionales, next week.

Speaking to Rapid TV News En Español, Mar Martínez-Raposo, director for Atresmedia's international division - which produces Atres Series, ¡Hola! TV and Antena 3 Internacional - said he will be attending the event ready to talk to Argentina's pay-TV operators to see what their plans are and try to fit Atres Series into their various line-ups.

"The channel's reception by both operators and audience has been fantastic," said Martínez-Raposo referring to distribution agreements for Atres Series with the pan-regional feeds of DirecTV and Movistar, and locally with Mexico's Televisa and Puerto Rico's Liberty, among others.

"We aim to become stronger in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile, where Antena 3's contents have always been very well received, where there is an audience that understands this content," Martínez-Raposo added.

Indeed, Aquí No Hay Quien Viva, a series produced between 2003-2006, is still airing on pay-TV in LATAM, with good audience figures. "It's without any doubt one of our most successful productions so far," said Martínez-Raposo.

"We, together with other networks, are creating a special genre for Spanish series, which are being increasingly demanded and consumed across the Spanish-speaking community. We share a language, humour, values; we understand the same codes. Atres Series is the only channel in Latin America with exclusively Spanish series," he added.

Targeting 30 million households in the US and Latin America, Atresmedia's international signals have been driven by the force of the Latin community. "Pay-TV has experienced great growth during the last five to seven years in Latin America, it's not an elite product anymore. And figures tell us Hispanic communities seem to still have a lot of potential for growth," Martínez-Raposo explained.