Swiss software developer iWedia has reaffirmed its commitment towards the HbbTV standard and given details of its roadmap for HbbTV 2.0.

HbbTV 2.0 enhances the specification with support to HTML5, HEVC, TTML, MPEG DASH (DVB profile), and CI Plus v1.4. It also introduces companion screens features, synchronisation of applications and contents across devices push VoD, etc.

iWedia has now engaged in the development of HbbTV 2.0 with deployments scheduled for the beginning of 2016. HbbTV 2.0 will be introduced as a stand alone software component optionally bundled with a Web browser.

The component can run alongside other elements of the iWedia product portfolio: MPEG DASH and HLS client software, HTML engine and CI Plus v1.4 host software.

It’s likely HbbTV 2.0 will also be integrated within iWedia’s STB software solutions for Linux-based connected zappers (Teatro-3.0) and for Android TV-based STB (Teatro-3.5).

“In HbbTV 2.0 we trust!” said Hervé Creff, VP Marketing at iWedia. “We feel the additional features brought by HbbTV 2.0 make it the open platform of choice for TV broadcasters and pay-TV operators to develop their added value services,” he added.

A member of the HbbTV Association, iWedia has been involved in the specification of the standard since its inception and its HbbTV 1.5 implementation has been widely deployed by major TV set and STB manufacturers.