There was a time when the conference halls would offer up large quantities of deference to Netflix. But with the streamer continuing to build subs the approach has begun to change.

In a discussion on the impact of OTT and broadband distribution models Bruce Tuchman, president of AMC Global and The Sundance Channel, said the impact was going to be huge. Tuchman, whose channels are beginning to make their presence felt internationally said timeshifted television was very here and now. Where as once there was a single outlets for content there were now several points around the home. A key demographic now expected timeshifting, top-flight navigation, and had multiple operators to provide it.

Moderator Andrew Neil described Netflix as being a “handful of original programming and an archive of stuff you’ve seen before”.

“You can get to this moment of ‘I’ve finished what’s on Netflix and you can go back to your account and see what’s next,” said Rhys Noelke, RTL Group’s senior vice president of programming’.

As licensing changed Noelke said subscribers would also be able to take their programming with them around the world.