It is a no-brainer for Sky and Cisco to maintain the relationship between the two companies. But the technology company no longer had the advantage of being a part of the News family now that NDS is just a memory, and the decisions are absolutely taken on technology. Not that we ever had a doubt.

But the decision to renew agreements on set-top box middleware solutions take on a greater significance now that Sky is buying not just for the UK market, but also businesses in Germany and Italy.

Also included is an extension to the agreements for VideoGuard conditional access and digital rights management.

Alun Webber, Managing Director, Product Design & Development, Sky said: “Our relationship with Cisco is critical to helping us realize our vision to accelerate time to market for the delivery of advanced entertainment services for our DTH subscribers that offer greater choice, convenience and control.”

Cisco cloud technology also plays a key part in the AdSmart targeted advertising platform.