Julien Signès, President, CEO, and co-Founder of Envivio said the current wave of acquisitions was rooted in a chanaging marketplace.

“If they have a business to run and they typically come from hardware and they believe in it – it’s difficult for them to move.” Signès said there were engineers and sales staff to convince. “The only way to do this is through a visionary leader – it has to come from the top”.

At the start of IBC 2015 on Thursday it was announced Envivio was being sold to Ericsson in a $125 million deal. In a Broadband TV News interview Signès said the agreement with Ericsson was made relatively quickly, though the two companies had previously worked together on projects.

“People realise how fragmented the market has become and end to end is the right answer. Smaller operators need a solution that only end to end can provide.” According to Signès it’s only those businesses the size of Comcast that can dictate the technical terms.

Signès also sees movement in the kind of cloud and software development that has charactarised his company’s progress in recent years. “All the big manufacturers here have a big software story to tell. It’s only when you look under the bonnet that you’re able to see what’s there.”

Alongside the rise of software and cloud-based solutions has been the service model that Signès believes is more efficient for the customer as the effort is ‘mutalised’ across a number of operators, dispensing with the need to train up individuals, only to have to start again as the technology moves on.