Landscape Channel has entered into an agreement with Leo DT Europe to distribute its service in 1080p via the cable operators interconnect.

Commenting on the development, Nick Austin, chairman of Landscape, said: “It’s been 25 years since we were broadcasting to Bulgaria in the middle of the night on one of the Astra transponders when it first launched. Now things have moved on and we are delivering the high quality broadcast format 1080p channels via IP without satellites, something that would have been impossible then. Our language-less programming shows the beauty of the natural and urban world to classical and instrumental music. It has very broad appeal, especially in multicultural Europe and Africa where there are a host of languages in every country. We are starting this month on the Bulgarian fibre network broadcasting in 1080p format using the latest technology to deliver 1080p quality into cable homes. The resolution is four times greater than standard definition and twice that which is available via normal HD coming off of satellites at this time, making it perfect for large screens up to at least 60 inches (1.5 m)”.

Teodora Radusheva, sales manager at Leo DT – Europe, added: “Landscape HD is not only a lovely channel but also a great addition to our content offer to the operators in Bulgaria. Its’ format and the signal quality make it a perfect fit to any channel line-up. We are excited to represent it not only to operators but also to the partners from the tourism industry as it is a perfect advertising platform for the industry”.