Almost two thirds (61%) of Romanians use their fixed internet connection to watch online TV programmes, videos or movies, according to a new market survey undertaken by Mercury Research for the regulator ANCOM.

Just over half (52%) play online games at home, while only 39% do online shopping and 22% banking transactions or pay bills. The most popular usage, among 90%, is to search for information, read news and stay posted on various events, followed by 77% for accessing social networks.

In terms of frequency, Romanians access the internet at home on average 24 days a month. Nearly three quarters (74%) do so on a daily or nearly daily basis, with the figure rising to 90% in the 16-24 age group.

Most (72%) fixed internet users access the web at home on a PC/desktop, 61% using a laptop/notebook, 43% smartphone, 32% on a tablet and 9% on a smart TV.

Given that the survey was undertaken late last year, with the results only just published by ANCOM, the popularity of online TV, and smart TV usage, is now likely to be even higher in Romania.