Swiss telco Swisscom is introducing an Ultra HD set-top box for the customers of its IPTV platform Swisscom TV in spring 2016 along with on-demand and live sports content in 4K.

“We want to continue growing and overtake UPC Cablecom next year. With the new offerings, we give customers even more reasons to move to us,” said Marc Werner, head of Swisscom’s residential customers division.

Swisscom TV currently has 1.24 million customers while cable operator and main competitor UPC Cablecom serves 1.35 million TV customers. According to Swisscom, around 1,250 customers sign up for Swisscom TV 2.0 each day.

For the owners of the new Ultra HD box (pictured) which will be compliant with High Dynamic Range (HDR), Swisscom will initially offer movies, documentaries and series on demand in 4K.

The telco plans to show first games of domestic football league Fußball Super League in the new resolution from the 2016/17 season as well as other large sports events like the European Football Championships 2016.

Swisscom will also launch a new cloud-based gaming service in spring 2016 which will enable customers to play the games through the TV box in streaming mode without the need to download them first. The service will be offered in collaboration with US game-on-demand provider Gamefly.