Wuaki.tv offers offline VOD


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 15 September 2015

Looking to provide a different offer prior to Netflix's Spanish launch, one of the country's main video-on-demand (VOD) platforms, Wuaki.tv, has added an offline function for mobile devices, enabling users to watch nearly 90% of its portfolio without being connected.

The Wuaki app has added a new button next to the streaming one, allowing subscribers to download the selected content. Once the film or series is stored in the device's memory, the user can watch it everywhere without data consumption.

The VOD service is already working for users without a flat rate subscription, with the offline service being available for single items, both purchased and rented. If rented, the content will be available for 48 hours and then automatically deleted from the device. If purchased, users will be able to watch it as many times as desired for three years.

Downloads are available in HD quality, so the company estimates 1.2Gbs are needed for a single film and 800Mbs for a series' episode.

For the moment, Wuaki.tv won't be allowing flat rate Wuaki Selection subscribers to use this service.

The move aims to strengthen Wuaki's expansion, as the Rakuten-owned company aspires to become the leader in Europe. It currently operates in five countries - Spain, the UK, France, Germany and Italy - and plans to take this total to 11 territories before the end of the year.