Telefónica increases video data connectivity in Colombia


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 15 September 2015

Through the recently-deployed Pacific Caribbean Cable System (PCCS), an 80Tbps submarine cable linking Florida and Ecuador, Telefónica is aiming to meet the increasing demand of data in Colombia driven by video consumption.

cablesubmarinoThe 6,000km-long cable is the second high capacity infrastructure which Telefónica will use in the country. In addition to Colombia, the US and Ecuador, the cable also connects Puerto Rico, several Caribbean islands and Panama.

According to Telefónica, the PCCS will allow it to manage the instant transmission of up to 450,000 HD films or support 2.5 million simultaneous video calls.

"Thanks to the new submarine cable, Colombia's international connectivity will increase by 200%, allowing us to meet the increasing demand for data, video and apps, and guaranteeing our service in case of any eventual crisis," said Alfonso Gómez Palacio, president of Telefónica for Colombia.

The near 16 million subs of Colombia's Movistar will be among the first getting connected through the PCCS cable.

"The PCCS strengthen our international network in America and improve our capacity and security," said Juan Revilla, CEO of Telefónica Business Solutions. "This project shows Telefónica's commitment with Latin America and its growth."