Magine TV acquires Swedish VOD assets



| 15 September 2015

The Magine TV over-the-top service has acquired the assets of film2home AB, owner of Swedish film service Plejmo, the largest local independent streaming movie service in the Nordic region.

The Plejmo VOD service enables films to be streamed soon after cinema release, before they are available on subscription services such as Netflix. Users have been assured that they will see no difference in their service post-acquisition and the company will still be led by Ulrika Lindwall and members of the Plejmo team.

"Our assessment is that independent movie-streaming services have a tough time as a standalone local player, but in the right context, and on an international platform, there are great possibilities," says Ambuj Goyal, CEO of Magine TV. "It is a natural next step to complement our TV offering with a service that offers movies and series on demand. Through this transaction, we have acquired a great team specialised in TVOD, who in due course can support a successful integration of streamed movies on-demand within the Magine offering."

Commercially available in Germany and Sweden, Magine TV has an open Beta running in the UK, and new markets, new partners and updated features in the service will be announced later in 2015.