HTVFun taps Muvi to launch Malaysian VOD



| 16 September 2015

Malaysian network HTV Entertainment has teamed up with Muvi to launch a new video-on-demand (VOD) service featuring a range of genres for its home audience.

Offering a range of films, kids content, animation and TV shows, is available on a number of connected devices please link to our second screen page with content available free or on a subscription, ad-free basis.

The service is powered by US provider Muvi which has already launched VOD Platforms for MAA TV and ISKCON using its end-to-end OTT video streaming platform. The Muvi Studio platform includes IT infrastructure, cloud hosting, servers, storage, CDN, video CMS and an HTML5 video player. It also incorporates an in-built DRM for piracy protection of the licensed content.

"Asia is one of the next big breeding grounds for video streamers," commented Muvi's head of international business Viraj Mehta. "The APAC region in specific is likely to create more customers than many European nations. We look forward to powering these businesses and be a part of the next entertainment revolution."