Belgian cable operator VOO has gone live with ThinkAnalytics personalised recommendations across its .evasion service.

Launched on June 30, 2015, Voo’s .evasion set-top box gives users access to personalised recommendations based on their viewing behavior across linear TV, pay/transactional VOD, catch up content.

Using ThinkAnalytics’ intelligent navigation, VOO viewers are offered personalized recommendations throughout the live linear TV user experience, as they browse the on-demand catalog and when browsing any linear, catch up or VOD programs. The .evasion service also features a channel bar showcase with personalized recommendations for each linear and VOD catch-up channel.

Tamara Leemans, VOO’s CTO, commented: “With thousands of programmes that could be proposed to VOO customers, it became really important to have a high performance, reliable recommendations engine capable of guiding them according to their preferences.”

“The ThinkAnalytics Recommendations Engine works seamlessly with Voo’s elegant user design to suggest new content that viewers will find interesting. With the level of competition in the Belgian market, VOO has demonstrated a determination to make it easy for subscribers to expand their repertoire and discover new video and TV that they might otherwise miss. In turn, Voo has an opportunity to build subscriber loyalty and grow revenues,” said Peter Docherty, founder and CTO, ThinkAnalytics.