The Medical Channel is looking forward to expanding further into Europe by entering the German market, including Austria and Switzerland, in the first quarter of 2016.

In July 2014, Limeclip Ltd., a UK, London-based broadcaster launched the IPTV/cable TV channel, The Medical Channel, dedicated to medical topics and aimed at the general public. The distribution of the channel started out in the CEE region, however, it is now expanding into the largest European markets, starting with Germany, Austria and Switzerland with UK to follow shortly.

The Medical Channel programming comprises of evidence-based medical topics. It is factual and educational but entertaining and engaging at the same time. As Nives Lepin, the Channel Distribution Manager at Limeclip explains “We want the channel to be a source of evidence-based and reliable information about health and medicine. Such that viewers can trust and rely on.”

Quick to progress, The Medical Channel has made an impressive leap by launching in four countries on eight different platforms in one year. This includes telecom providers of the region, such as SBB, Telemach Slovenia, Telemach BiH, MAXtv, Radijus Vektor, T-2, VIPtv, After much success in CEE, The Medical Channel has begun its expansion into the Eastern Europe also. Launches in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria are expected by the end of 2015.

The Medical Channel now heads to Germany, with plans to air in one of the largest markets in Europe, covering Austria and Switzerland along the way. This is a triumphant step for the London-based company before entering the largest European market – the UK.

“The promise of entering the German market is an exciting prospect,” Lepin continues.

“It will allow us to communicate the importance of health and disease awareness to a wider new audience and we consider it one step closer to putting trustworthy and evidence-based programming back on TV.”