Bulldog Media to take The Apprentice, Space Race to India


Rebecca Hawkes

| 17 September 2015

Indian acquisition and production specialist Bulldog Media and Entertainment plans to develop home-grown versions of international reality TV formats The Apprentice and Space Race, according to local reports.

Following the success of India's Next Top Model, Bulldog Media and Entertainment will bring The Apprentice a game show offering young entrepreneurs the career break of their dreams to Indian audiences. The company is also reportedly awaiting clearance for the introduction in India of NBC's Space Race, where contestants compete for a trip into space on Virgin Galactic's Spaceship Two.

"We are very excited about the new reality shows that we will launch soon. The Apprentice is an American reality game show that has also been launched in several countries; it's a very successful show in America. Our plan is to expand ourselves in different genres. For the next 18 months we will work on bringing quality content and international formats to India," Bulldog Media and Entertainment co-founder and executive producer Akash Sharma told Indiantelevision.com.

"Space Race will be the most aspirational show ever on Indian television. It basically takes contestants from different walk of life to space," Sharma told the online publication. Mark Burnett and Virgin Galactic will produce the show once Virgin Galactic gives the official go-ahead, he added.