Imagine extends ad-ID integration with Landmark Agency 5.0


Joseph O'Halloran

| 17 September 2015

Aiming to streamline and simplify advertising content identification with industry standard integration, Imagine Communications is integrating its Landmark Agency system with Ad-ID.

The video and advertising solutions provider believes that adopting the advertising industry standard developed by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As) and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), will assist in identifying advertising assets across all media platforms.

Ad-ID integration allows an agency to create a unique code in the Ad-ID system and to import the information into their Landmark Agency buying and production systems without, says Imagine, mistakes or redundant data entry. The shared import brings over Ad-ID code information, advertiser, commercial activity dates, and other details, making the data available for use in national, local and multimedia planning and buying modules. Landmark Agency 5.0 is currently in beta testing and will be available later in the autumn.

"Integrating Landmark Agency with Ad-ID is part of Imagine Communications commitment to developing open platforms for advertising management," explained Sarah Foss, vice president, product management, advertising management systems, Imagine Communications. "Ad-ID is becoming increasingly popular with our agency customers and creating a tight integration with the system is integral to our mission of streamlining processes and reducing complexity. Imagine is actively listening to customer feedback and delivering on it."

"We are pleased that Imagine Communications and its Landmark Agency system have empowered Ad-ID users to streamline their workflows across production, planning and financials," remarked Harold Geller, chief growth officer, Ad-ID. "This joint solution will help ad agencies leverage automated processes that support measurement and streamlined delivery, while eliminating costly manual intervention."