Vubiquity to acquire Warner Bros digital distribution arm



| 17 September 2015

In a deal attributed with allowing the provider of premium content services to expand digital its distribution capabilities, Vubiquity is to acquire Digital End-To-End (DETE).

Owned by Warner Bros Technical Operations, the DETE managed content technology service is said to offer all of the world's foremost video content and service providers with leading content management. Vubiquity plans to build upon DETE's current capabilities by combining the technology with its Any VU Cloud service.

Vubiquity believes that it can now house an unlimited number of digital content titles more efficiently for faster, secure delivery to its over 500 current content distributors. Vubiquity's cloud-based service will also enhance flexible content management through expedited language translation and assembly for multiple format versions at a lower cost.

"Pairing DETE with Vubiquity's AnyVU cloud-based service will save us and our clients' significant time, effort and resources while providing expanded and improved digital distribution," explained Brendan Sullivan, EVP of technology for Vubiquity. "We are eager to incorporate the DETE technology into our current, cloud-based business with the ultimate goal of servicing our clients from beginning to end with speed, flexibility and security to generate quality results."

"DETE was the first technology to transform the way content is managed and delivered," said Vicky Colf, executive vice president and general manager, Warner Bros Technology Solutions and Warner Bros Technical Operations. "Vubiquity has established itself as the leader in digital content management services and delivery, and we look forward to our continued work together bringing high quality digital content to consumers, everywhere they want to view content now and into the future."