FreeWheel launches Preferred Partners Initiative


Michelle Clancy

| 18 September 2015

Online video ad firm FreeWheel has launched its Preferred Partners Initiative for supply-side platforms (SSP), with and SpotX the first invited to join.

"There is growing need for publishers to manage their inventory across traditional and programmatic sales channels in order to maximise demand and ensure efficient and transparent delivery," said James Rooke, GM for marketplaces at FreeWheel. "FreeWheel is delighted with the opportunities to partner with best-of-breed SSP partners to offer clients smarter integrations that enhance the value of our platforms across different deal types."

Per the Preferred Partners Initiative, FreeWheel will offer customers who want to work with an SSP, the ability to do so via integrations with participating SSPs that go beyond the standard partner integration in the FreeWheel core platform.

"As we are both supply-side only software companies, we are delighted to be asked to participate in FreeWheel's Preferred Partners Initiative. We are convinced that it can benefit both companies' clients, most notably the largest TV broadcasters," said Hervé Brunet, CEO and co-founder at "The combination of advanced programmatic capabilities in terms of guaranteed buy through deal IDs with upfront buys will offer TV broadcasters the most sophisticated monetisation solution."