Hibernia Express undersea cable goes live


Michelle Clancy

| 18 September 2015

The Hibernia Express low-latency, high-capacity transatlantic submarine cable connecting North America and Europe has gone live.

The pipeline has been built to address the increasing demand for secure and diverse capacity across the Atlantic by Web-centric and video-centric companies.

The six-fibre pair, 4,600-kilometre submarine cable links New York and London, with onward connectivity to key commercial hubs, and offers 100gbps transmission capacity.

"The most heavily trafficked transoceanic route in the world lies between North America and Europe," said Omar Altaji, chief commercial officer at Hibernia Networks. "Hibernia Express provides not only the lowest latency, but also nearly three times more capacity than any other transatlantic cable in service today. Web-centric customers across the globe can count on Hibernia Express for reliable, high speed connectivity that results in improved business performance and an outstanding user experience."

According to TeleGeography, an industry research firm, a shift in international bandwidth usage is underway driven by the soaring demand requirements of content providers transporting large quantities of data between their major data centres. On the transatlantic route, TeleGeography projects that the private network bandwidth segment, comprised mainly of content providers, exceeded Internet bandwidth for the first time in 2014. The firm projects that by 2019, private networks will account for the majority of overall international bandwidth usage.

"Web-based companies and content providers that are driving a large portion of the 40% annual growth in demand for transatlantic bandwidth seek low latency to improve customer experience and subsequently sales performance," said Erik Kreifeldt, senior analyst at TeleGeography.