RTVE goes for 4K HDR, Atmos sound for Ultra HD documentary


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 19 September 2015

Premiering at IBC 2015, the documentary La Granja, filmed by RTVE in Ultra HD, aims to show how the latest 4K technologies can result in a commercial audiovisual product.

The piece has been filmed in 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) Dolby Vision, in order to compensate for the difference between the lightest and darkest zones in the picture. Colour space 2020, which enables more colours to be broadcast, and Dolby Atmos sound have been used in order to increase the surrounding feeling.

The 25-minute documentary has been filmed by RTVE together with Dolby, Hispasat and Sony, also counting on Ovide, Drago, FilmLight, AdHoc, Service Vision and Coyot Aire. The original soundtrack has been composed by Javier García Verdugo.

The short film shows the building of La Granja Palace, north of Madrid, from the inside and outside, bringing into Ultra HD the spectacular natural surroundings and the gardens.

During the last two years, RTVE's commitment to 4K technology has been growing. Spain's public broadcaster has already premiered an Ultra HD documentary, La Pasión del Prado, launched a pilot DTT network in 4Kin 4K, and collaborated with other operators to improve the new broadcasting standard.