Telefónica, Disney to launch Star Wars channel in Spain


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 21 September 2015

Warming up for the Star Wars Episode VII movie premiere, scheduled for 18 December, Disney and Telefónica have inked a content agreement to fill Movistar+'s schedule with Star Wars programming and launch a themed channel two weeks prior to the premiere.

movistarwarsStarting last weekend with binge broadcasts of the whole saga, Telefónica's pay-TV platform will air the six films several times during October and November, warming the fans up for the seventh episode, The Force Awakens.

In addition, Movistar+ will broadcast extra and making of content analysing Star Wars' filming techniques and visual effects. The Star Wars Celebration programme, filmed during the Episode VII presentation at San Diego's Comic-Con in July, and Star Wars Universe, a documentary to get deeper into the George Lucas-designed universe, will also air.

At the beginning of December, in collaboration with Disney, Movistar+ will launch a Star Wars channel with 24/7 programming related to the saga, including in-house productions like El Imperio de los Fans (The Fans' Empire).

All the content will be also available on-demand for mobile and connected devices.