Netflix looks to produce Spanish-based content


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 23 September 2015

Netflix continues to unveil its plans ahead of launching in Spain, announcing that it is already in talks with local producers to create local content.

In a market where the other players and telcos are preparing for the arrival of Netflix, it intends to succeed using its internationally-used model, according to Juan Mayne, content acquisition director at Netflix, speaking to the financial newspaper Cinco Días.

As it has done in countries like France and Mexico, or regionally in Latin America - such as with the recently premiered Narcos - Netflix is looking for local productions in Spain. Citing Spanish internationally successful series like Velvet and The Time In Between, Mayne underlined the importance of the Spanish audiovisual production industry.

Another important card the subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) platform holds is availability. Without needing to subscribe to other services - as happens with telcos' convergent offers - Netflix's catalogue is available for multiple devices and has no permanence agreement. In addition, Mayne revealed that the first month of subscription will be offered for free, as Netflix does in every country.

Looking for increased availability, Netflix has also announced an agreement with Vodafone to include the service on TiVo set-top boxes.