Sensorama claims first Brazilian 4K, immersive experience


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 23 September 2015

Sensorama is claiming Brazil's first Ultra HD and immersive experience with the launch of VIX, a 24-person ride taking passengers on an underwater voyage.

sensoramavixVIX delivers cinematic content by using multiple 4K projectors, which give high fidelity images, brightness and resolution. The Sensorama system also provides the riding sensation with a panoramic immersive screen, custom designed for this project. The combination of six thousand pixels, uncompressed video, an 18.3 3D audio system, immersive special effects and synchronised movements with six axis motion of freedom provides guests with a natural, vivid and immersive experience.

The Ultra HD broadcast is complemented, during the ride, with a sensory journey. As the ride accelerates through a narrow passage of land, guests will feel their hair blowing in the wind, simulating the sensation of levitating through thin air, and nature fragrances are filtered into the space as guests journey through the forest.

VIX has been installed at Shopping Praia da Costa, in Vila Velha, a city located between Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.