Chile moves towards partial switch-off in 2017


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 23 September 2015

Chilean TV networks are working at speed to switch off the analogue signal in the country's main cities during 2017.

According to the country's TV association Anatel, the main broadcasters aim to cover Chile's 15 regional capitals with DTT before the end of 2017. For the networks, it is bureaucratic issues causing delays as the telecom authority Subtel has not yet published the digital frequencies or the technical specification of the DTT-ready broadcasting infrastructures.

For the moment, Chilean networks are still evaluating which of the current infrastructures such as towers and aerials could be re-used once the digital standard is working.

But according to Chile's Diario Financiero, some networks are worried about legal delays. "We have to make an investment, we don't have a choice even though our financial situation may be not so good, but the authority is not moving forward in the process," said an industry source.

Having started the DTT roll-out this year, Chile intends to cover 15% of the country with digital TV signal during 2017, increasing to 30% coverage by 2018, 80% by 2019 and full coverage in 2020, when the general switch-off is scheduled.