Mediaset nets social TV with Eurobasket 2015


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 23 September 2015

With nearly 1.2 million comments on Twitter in Spain alone, Eurobasket 2015 has produced great social TV traffic for Mediaset's free-to-air channels Cuatro, Telecinco and Energy.

According to Kantar Twitter TV Ratings, the 27 games broadcast by Mediaset networks scored 1,143,743 comments. The most commented game was the final between Spain and Lithuania with over 435,000 comments, which hit an audience of 1.3 million people and generated 43.29 million impressions or potential views.

The great social TV activity had a peak during the 60 seconds following Spain's victory in the final, gathering more than 17,000 comments, most of them containing the hashtags #eurobasket2015 and #vamosespaña.

The second most commented game was the semi-final between Spain and France, which generated nearly 370,00 tweets, an average of 1,800 per minute. Those had a real audience of 1.05 million readers and generated almost 29 million impressions.

In a short qualitative analysis, Kantar Media reports only 30% of comments as being positive, highlighting Spain's trajectory during the competition.