EchoStar enlists NAGRA for 4KTV security



| 23 September 2015

Content protection and multiscreen TV solutions provider NAGRA has inked a deal with EchoStar for the production of 4K-capable set-top boxes for their joint clients.

Under the terms of the deal, EchoStar will make use of NAGRA's anyCAST COMMAND technology to prevent forms of piracy such as control word sharing, thus paving the way for premium 4KTV services. The solution is attributed with changing the paradigm for content security by concentrating both decryption and descrambling into a single, secure device, functions that have typically occurred in two separate devices. The anyCAST COMMAND solution will also be available in different connected device form factors, including smartcard, set-top box companion chip and others.

"To date, the fight against control word sharing has been hampered by the inadvisable division between SoC and smartcard security," commented Maurice van Riek, senior VP, head of content and asset security for NAGRA. "The new approach ... allows us to assume full responsibility for content security within a single, replaceable security device."

"Serving one of the largest pay-TV providers in the world as our joint customer, we are continually pushing the boundaries ... to provide state-of-the-art content security," added EchoStar president Mark Jackson. "This is the reason, why we decided ... to deploy anyCAST COMMAND, which embodies a radically different approach. We strongly believe that having an operator-controlled security component separate from the SoC but anchored to it is the best way to secure one of the world's most high value satellite services."