TiVo to validate Simulmedia TV advertising


Michelle Clancy

| 23 September 2015

PVR pioneer TiVo's research department will offer third-party validation of Simulmedia TV campaigns.

TiVo Research will now be an independent entity confirming the results for Simulmedia's advertising spots, powered by its VAMOS platform.

Through VAMOS, Simulmedia directly matches what people watch with what they buy, without any fusion or modelling. TiVo Research said that it has validated the scientific methods that Simulmedia uses to bring to TV this level of transparency and ROI measurement, such as return on ad spend. Further, TiVo Research will also be conducting its own measurement of TV campaigns as another reporting option for advertisers who want to measure Simulmedia's impact on business outcomes independently.

"TiVo Research is a company that shares our philosophy of bringing more measurement to TV," says Dave Morgan, founder and CEO at Simulmedia. "To have them review our methodology and approve what we are doing is hugely rewarding for our team of scientists and engineers who have worked painstakingly to develop our VAMOS platform and move TV advertising in a new direction of accountability."

Frank Foster, SVP and GM of TiVo Research, added: "Our goals are perfectly aligned to demonstrate exactly how TV connects with viewers, show how it drives sales, and demonstrate that TV can finally be held to the same metrics and standards of digital advertising. This is an exciting step forward for both of our companies."

Simulmedia recently released INSIGHTS, a self-service online portal through which clients can access reporting for their ad campaigns, request future campaign options and receive fast and interactive results.