French media regulator CSA is holding a series of hearings to decide which channels will receive a licence to broadcast in HD on the country’s DTT network.

Meanwhile, the French government has stepped in to demand that four channels of the public broadcaster France Télévisions – France 3, France 4, France 5 and France Ô – should receive priority and be allowed to broadvcast in HD on the terrestrial network, which nis called TNT in France.

The CSA is currently considering 26 candidates for the available frequency spectrum:

BFM Business Télévision (from CBFM, BFM TV (from BFM TV, currently available in SD), Campagnes TV, Canal+ Cinémaa and Canal+ Sport (from Canal Plus, currently available in SD), Classique HD, D17 and D8 (currently available in SD), Gong HD, Gulli HD, Ha26, Hyper TV, i>Télé (currently available in SD), IDF1 HD, LCI, Lynx (from Fiducial TV), Nostalgie HD, NRJ 12 en HD (currently available in SD), NT1 (currently available in SD), OFIVE, Paris Première, Planète+ (currently available in SD), a second Planète+, QVC, TMC (currently available in SD) and W9 HD (currently available in SD)