Sellers of legal content and rights holders have formed a new association in Russia.

Quoted by Vedomosti, Sergey Plugotarenko, the director of the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEK), said its aim was to “confront new legislative initiatives” and jointly fight piracy on the internet.

He added that it would operate as part of the RAEK and be headed by Marina Surygina, the CEO of the online movie service Tvzavr, and Alexei Byrdin, the director of the association Internet-Video.

The association will try to convince advertising agencies not to deal with pirate sites. It will also engage in new legal initiatives.

One such initiative, proposed by the Russian Union of Rights Holders (RSP), suggested that authors would receive a fee from the sale of every device connected to the internet. It could have raised up to $1 billion a year but was in the end rejected by President Putin.

Meanwhile, Byrdin also confirmed the formation of another association that would promote the legalisation of video on the internet.