Entel Chile tries out first LATAM 250Mbps LTE-advanced


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 24 September 2015

Ericsson and Entel Chile have announced the successful demonstration of an end-to-end LTE-advanced (LTE-A) carrier aggregation (CA) solution supporting data speeds up to 250Mbps.

Entel is the first operator in Latin America to test 250Mbps speed in a commercial LTE network through a commercial terminal, and the demonstration was performed using Ericsson Networks Software 14A on both 2600MHz and APT700MHz spectrum bands.

LTE-A carrier aggregation enables higher mobile broadband download speeds and delivers a better user experience, allowing mobile users to enjoy higher performance of their favourite applications and higher quality video streaming.

"Our challenge in the telecommunications industry is to continually innovate and advance toward more and better connectivity, so that the technology serves the needs of society," said Antonio Büchi, CEO of Entel. "This is why we wanted to be once again at the forefront and be the first in the technology field to show that in the future we will provide our users with the most advanced mobile network in Chile and Latin America".

"Using LTE-A technology, operators can increase their network capacity and enhance the mobile broadband user experience," added Nicolas Brancoli, VP, Ericsson, Latin America. "This demo places Entel on the very limited list of operators in the world to demonstrate LTE-A in a live network using a commercial terminal."