The new forms of media consumption are becoming increasingly popular in Germany with more than half (56%) of Germans watching TV programmes and videos on smartphones, tablets or laptops.

56% of TV viewers frequently use a mobile device (second screen) in parallel to the TV programmes they are currently following on their TV set (first screen).

These are results of the study Medienkonsum der Zukunft (Media consumption of the future) compiled by market research and consultancy company Goldmedia for German cable operator association ANGA. The results are based on a survey among 1,119 people above 18 years of age.

46% of respondents are interested in free-to-air TV channels in HD quality. 43% record TV programmes with a PVR.

Video-on-demand (VOD) services record strong growth with 40% of Germans having a VOD account. The share amounted to just 20% one year ago.

“Cable operators constantly invest into upgrading their networks and are therefore well positioned for the new requirements,” said ANGA president Thomas Braun. “However, to enable these investments in future, we need equal competition conditions for network-based and online-based services. For example, it must become considerably easier for network operators to acquire rights for new digital TV functionalities enabling them to provide comparable offerings in the competitive environment.”

The study can be downloaded free of charge on ANGA’s website.