Applicaster revamps Televisa's social TV, second screen app


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 25 September 2015

Applicaster is preparing to launch Televisa Television, the network's newly refreshed social TV and second screen app.

Televisa is one of Applicaster's major partners in the Spanish-speaking market, on which the Israeli-based start-up is focusing.

Applicaster's VP for Latin America, the US Hispanics and Spain, Laura Tapias, speaking to Rapid TV News En Espańol, said the Televisa Television app will launch in the coming days.

The move comes shortly after the premiere of Antes Muertas Que Lichita, the channel's latest soap opera. "We will activate the social feed for Lichita so the audience get access to everything in one app. It's not only a social TV app, it's actually the first second-screen platform we have made for Televisa," said Tapias.

"Televisa detected great social activity on Twitter and Facebook while some series were on air," she explained. "Social conversation was rocketing, which is why they [Televisa] asked for a platform which gathered both external social networks while gathering the social feed produced by the characters and from the show."

The redesigned app is one of the first to incorporate the new code developed by Applicaster for video delivery and second screen. "The code is built in modules and it will be constantly refreshed. We intend to offer a service that is alive," added Tapias.

Applicaster, which also works in Latin America with Argentina's Telefé, Peru's America Deportes and America TV Go, and Panama's MetCom Telemetro and RDC, is also finishing new versions of the Televisa Deportes and Noticieros Televisa apps, which are to incorporate the new code.