RhythmOne, DataXu partner on programmatic advertising


Michelle Clancy

| 25 September 2015

RhythmOne is partnering with DataXu on programmatic advertising by integrating its programmatic platform RhythmMax into DataXu's Demand Side Platform (DSP) for media planning and buying applications.

The DSP is built on a real-time machine learning and a predictive analytics engine, and will be melded with RhythmMax' inventory of mobile, video and rich media spots, and a brand safety technology, RhythmGuard, which blocks fraudulent or suspicious traffic before it reaches the marketplace.

"RhythmMax's extensive supply footprint consists of owned, controlled and aggregated audiences," said Dwight Ringdahl, SVP of engineering at RhythmOne. "RhythmGuard verifies and eliminates fraud at every point across the digital pathway domain, publisher, page, user, content and ad-level. Our post-bid verification technology protects advertisers and ensures that served domains are verified to be safe before the ad is served."

He added: "Through this partnership, advertisers gain access to one of the cleanest sources of pre-filtered and verified inventory in the industry. This integration underscores our programmatic proposition to provide the most efficient, brand-safe marketplace for digital advertising and content distribution."